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The 'Stay on Track'
Coaching Package

Description: As part of this package, you'll have three (3) monthly check-ins with Holly to help you stay on track as you continue to develop healthy habits and work towards your goals. During these sessions, we'll:

  • Review your current diet and lifestyle

  • Define goals you're working towards

  • Celebrate achievements

  • Discuss any challenges you may have encountered (+ strategies to overcome them)

  • Create a personalised plan to help you achieve your health-related goals

Cost: $160 AUD (*Payment is required at time of booking.)

Duration: 3 x 30 minute sessions

Location: Each session will be conducted online via Zoom. Web conferencing details will be provided upon confirmation.

Prior to your appointment: To
 help you prepare for each call, please have a think about the following questions:

  1. What goal/s are you working towards?

  2. Have there been any barriers that you feel are currently affecting your

  3. Is there a particular habit you’re focusing on?

  4. What's going well so far?

After your appointment: Research shows that regular reviews with a dietitian help people achieve their goals, compared to doing it alone. This is because diet and lifestyle changes are a gradual process, and learning new information or skills can take time. Therefore, it's strongly recommended to book follow-up consultations on a regular basis. We can work together to decide if you need any additional appointments and, if so, when they should be.

Please note: This package is only available for clients that have had an Initial Consultation at Hollystic Health. 

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