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I guess you could say that I've had a pretty complicated health journey...

To give you a brief summary, over the past decade I’ve experienced everything from debilitating fatigue, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia to hormonal imbalances that resulted in cystic acne, premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), absent/irregular menstrual cycles, and painful periods. On top of that, I experienced chronic digestive symptoms which often stopped me from leaving the house and limited me to a diet of less than ten non-reactive foods. You get the picture — I’ve been a mess! 


I desperately wanted to get well, and spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to do so. I saw a myriad of specialist doctors and alternative health practitioners, followed several restrictive diet protocols and took a ridiculous number of supplements, all the while trying to figure things out for myself through podcasts, online courses, health books, medical textbooks, and more. Needless to say, I tried everything!

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The breaking point came for me in 2020. I'd been searching for answers for so long, yet nothing had worked. I couldn’t understand why my body wasn't functioning properly, and I had lost hope that I'd ever find a cure.


As I lay in bed one night, crying myself to sleep yet again, I had reached the end of my rope. I was frustrated with my body's apparent failure to ‘work properly’ and exhausted from my relentless pursuit of answers. But then it hit me: my body wasn't malfunctioning; it was responding in a perfectly logical way to the abuse I had subjected it to.


You might be wondering, “what do you mean by 'abuse'?". Well, what I haven't mentioned until now is my long-standing struggle with poor body image that began at the age of twelve. This led to an unhealthy relationship with food and the development of eating disorders like Anorexia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, and Orthorexia. I also had a toxic relationship with exercise, pushing my body beyond its limits. My obsession with achieving a specific weight or body shape became a source of immense stress in my life, dominating my thoughts, finances, and time — only making things worse. I had ignored the warning signs my body had sent my way, and now it was stuck in a constant state of fight-or-flight, wreaking havoc on every aspect of my health; from neurotransmitter and hormonal imbalances to inflammation, disrupted sleep, chronic digestive problems, and organ dysfunction.

So, I changed my perspective on ‘health’. Instead of looking to external sources to dictate what I should eat or how I should exercise, which often meant overriding my body's signals, I began exploring with curiosity what my body was truly telling me. As a result, I stopped trying to manipulate my body's shape and weight through diet and exercise. Instead, I learned to listen to what made me feel my best and truly thrive. This shift ignited a profound appreciation for the human body and a deep passion for helping individuals feel at home in their body, make peace with their food, and become their healthiest self. This is at the core of what I do.


My journey has taught me that true health is so much more than just our physical appearance; instead, it's a holistic harmony of mind, body, and spirit. This means silencing the noise of diet culture and listening to the unique needs of YOUR body, what I like to call 'body wisdom’. It means embracing or accepting your body where it is at in this present moment, nurturing it with kindness and self-compassion. After all, you can't heal a body you hate! Today, I'm on a mission to share the lessons I've learned and the wisdom I've gained to help others achieve true health and wellbeing. This means challenging the status quo of diet culture, letting go of habits that no longer serve you, learning to listen to the needs of your body, breaking free from the diet cycle, and embracing the freedom to enjoy food without guilt. If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, I'd be honoured to support you on this transformative journey, not only to heal but to THRIVE!


  • Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist (Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics - Honours) 

  • Certified Natural Health Coach (Foundational Diploma in Natural Health)

  • Member of Dietitians Association Australia (DAA)

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