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What Is Hollystic Health All About?

“Health is not just about what you’re eating. It is also about what you’re thinking and saying.” [Unknown]

Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars on doctors, specialists, naturopaths, alternate health practitioners and supplements trying to heal my health issues. Yes, I did have small, and sometimes big, victories, but they were either short-lived or followed by the development of yet another health condition. At just twenty-one years of age, I had reached the end of my rope. Over the years I had developed a myriad of health issues that controlled my life, and it seemed as though I had exhausted all resources to heal these conditions. I had lost hope. It wasn’t until I understood the relationship between mind, emotions, spirit, and body that I experienced drastic improvements in my physical health.

It is pretty obvious that society is getting sicker; we don’t need statistics to validate that. Full disclosure, I believe that our illnesses are a consequence of becoming so disconnected from ourselves and our Creator. Our symptoms are a cry for help from our body in an attempt to get us to stop and reflect on our diet, lifestyle and mindsets, and return to the way we were designed to live. But in today’s society, we ignore our bodies and mask symptoms with prescription medication. We want a pill for everything. We want a pill to help us lose weight without changing our diet or lifestyle; a pill to take away a headache without realising that we sleep deprived or dehydrated; or a pill to stop heartburn instead of investigating the underlying cause of the discomfort. You get the picture.

Hollystic Health was founded because I am passionate about helping individuals get to and heal the root cause of their condition or disease, rather than just managing their symptoms with prescription drugs. Our bodies are incredible, and I believe they are designed to heal themselves, but we must remove the barriers that stop them from doing so. Although we live in the 21st Century and have made technological advances that boggle my mind, we have forgotten about the simple natural health remedies. We need to go back to basics, and acknowledge the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of health. Yes, it may take longer than popping a pill, but the benefits will be lifelong if you continue to listen to your body and address your symptoms before they progress into a disease.

The journey to wellness is challenging, and may take longer than we would like; but I would love to encourage you to keep going and not to give up – there is hope! In my own personal journey to wellness, I have discovered the importance of choosing to find joy and being content despite our physical ailments, and want to help you do the same, as it is indispensable for complete healing. I am passionate about sharing what I have learned along my own journey, and in future blogs I will go into depth about each health condition I battled with, and how I overcame them using a holistic approach, grounded upon a combination of scientific evidence-based medicine and credible aspects of alternate medicine.

Blessings and good health,

Holly X


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